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    Greek Grammar

    Are there plans to put out a Greek grammar along the lines of your Latin program? I saw a reference to First Form Greek on the Greek Alphabet page, but no link to such a program. I am currently using the elementary Greek program offered by Open Texture, but I would be very interested to see a program equivalent to First Form Latin. If this is in the works, can you tell me when it will be out?

    Hi, I don't work for MP, but based on what they've told me, First Form Greek will be ready by or around this coming January, and then they'll do Second Form Greek as well.

    I am really looking forward to it! My kids did MP's Greek Alphabet book, and now we're using – on MP's recommendation – Elementary Greek: Koine for Beginners, by Christine Gatchell (almost finished with year one, then we'll use year two until First Form Greek is ready). The Gatchell books are fairly decent as an introduction, but my children and I all really prefer the format and depth of the Forms series.

    Anyhow! Sorry for rambling. I'm hoping MP will be able to complete FFG sooner than January :-)
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      Thank you!

      That's good news. We are also using Christine Gatchell's Elementary Greek (we're in the third book right now), and as much as I appreciate the texts, I also prefer the format of the First Form series. I'm sure much would be review in First Form Greek, but review never hurt anyone! I'm looking forward to January!




        We are working on First Form Greek, and our goal is to have a teacher guide by Jan. We actually use the First Form Greek text and workbook in our online academy now since we have a Greek teacher teaching it, so the students can do it without a teacher manual. It is on the same format as First Form Latin, so it will look familiar to you when we get it finished!