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    Math question

    I have been using Rod and Staff Math and it is working well for my kids. My daughter is in Math 7 and I was planning to continue with Math 8 when she's done with 7. I'm just curious why MP switches to the Lial Pre-Algebra after Math 7 instead of finishing Rod and Staff. Is Math 8 missing any pre-algebra concepts? Would it be a problem to go from Math 8 right into Algebra 1? I was under the impression that Rod and Staff 8 was basically a pre-algebra course. Thanks for any info, and if anyone has gone from Math 8 to Algebra 1, would you please share your experience? I hate to switch a year sooner when we are finally doing well with a math program!

    Hi, Liz.

    We used to use R&S Math 7 & 8 and send our students on to Algebra I from there, but our teachers like the College of the Redwoods pre-algebra better. I'm not sure why we made the switch, but I don't think it's because we didn't like the R&S 7-8 grade math courses. Our students did fine with them too.




      We went straight from Rod and Staff 8 to Jacobs Algebra with our son - no problems. Rod and Staff 8 includes some business math, which is not necessary for algebra readiness, but it is practical and interesting!
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