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    Help I'm new to this

    I have just purchaced the Prima Latina DVD, the student workbook and the teachers book. I have watched quite a bit and looked through the books and can't seem to figure out how to space this out over a week. the 1st 2 chapters are 3 hours each plus the book work. This seems a bit overwelming to me. Does anyone have any advice on a good way to space out the work. Leigh also mentions revieing every day, please help! I have a 2nd and 4th grader. Thank you!

    Schedule Help

    I found this on a Sonlight forum, it should help:

    I follow this plan--20 min or so per day 4 days per week

    Mon-1.-watch DVD lesson section- reading lesson in book as we watch her go through the lesson and vocabulary words
    2.Recite greeting, vocabulary and prayer 3 x/s each
    3. make flashcards of vocabulary words ( I use index cards in a little binder I got at wal-mart

    Tue.--1. Watch DVD (or not) for lessons
    2. recite greeting, vocabulary and prayer 3 x/s each
    3. Complete vocabulary drill form
    4. do Speaking Latin section

    wed- 1. Recite Latin greeting and prayer 3 x/s
    2. Do translation exercise
    3. complete vocabulary drill form
    4. Talk about derivatives (watch DVD about this)

    thurs. --1. recite Latin greeting and prayer 3 x/s
    2. Do write and learn exercise
    3. do Fun Practice
    4. drill vocabulary words either today or friday