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First Form or Latina Christiana?

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    First Form or Latina Christiana?

    I'm trying to decide what to do with my 5th grade son. We've worked through about half of Getting Started with Latin but he has no other latin experience. He's done very well with it and says that he loves latin and I hope he will keep that attitude. We've never done much in the way of workbooks. Can you offer some guidance?



    That's great your son loves Latin!

    Okay, to answer your question, I skimmed through Getting Started with Latin, and if he's about halfway through (around Lesson 65), then he's really in between LC1 and First Form. On the one hand, he hasn't actually covered everything in LC1 or First Form, yet he has been doing a lot of translation and should have a basic understanding of how Latin conjugations and declensions work. Our programs teach grammar more systematically than GSwL, so that will be the biggest change for your son.

    Personally, I would go with First Form. It will move faster than LC1 and will get into the "meat" of the language more quickly. There is more "workbook" than LC1 or GSwL, but it will help reinforce the grammar and ensure he is really mastering the language (a key to enjoying the language). As I said above, our grammar is more systematic. For example, your son would learn the entire 1st-conjugation in one lesson. However, the workbook and our teaching methodology will ensure that he is able to master the content. As someone who loved, and still loves, Latin, I think First Form would be more fun and challenging for him.

    That said, if you would rather he move more slowly and have fewer questions per lesson, then I would recommend LC1. With all the translation in GSwL, though, LC1 may be too easy, but he can always move quickly and enjoy the confidence boost. Keeping his love of Latin is definitely important. We have samples of both LC1 and First Form on our website so you can see how a lesson is laid out in each program and how many and what kind of questions are asked.

    I hope this has helped. Please let us know if you have any more questions!


      Thanks, Michael!

      I actually have both programs sitting on my shelves and I've been torn for a while. I don't want to frustrate him and I also don't want him to be bored. I think I'll take your recommendation of FF.


        You're welcome!

        That fact you already have both books is great! You can try one and easily switch if you have to.


          I'm in a similar situation with my eldest, and we went with First Form. We are on lesson 3, and it's going well. I think it's a little easier for him than GSWL, because he doesn't have to translate sentences.
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            Thanks for the input, Amy! Hearing how your son is doing after GSWL helps me feel like First Form is the best choice.


            p.s. He's almost 10, as well.