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Getting caught up in history

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    Getting caught up in history

    I'm planning to use a combination of 3rd and 4th grade with my dd, starting in the fall. We just started Greek Myths, States and Capitals, and English Grammar for the Grammar stage last spring, and we haven't had much time for school work this summer. My dd will be doing 4th grade work in Latin, math and science, while she finishes 3rd grade in the other subjects. I'm wondering when/how we would eventually catch up to grade level in history, geography and writing/grammar, without having to rush through the 3rd grade curriculum. Any thoughts?

    You really don't need to worry about catching up in history. If you start with Greek mythology now and work your way through our classical history schedule, your students will get plenty of classical history and will still be reading the classics earlier than most students. So, my thought on this is that you relax and enjoy it!