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7th grade history/Bible

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    7th grade history/Bible

    For my upcoming 7th grader, I've decided to spend half the year on Book of the Ancient World and half the year on Book of the Ancient Romans (we did Greek history all last year). I'd like to incorporate Old Testament readings alongside these books. We've already done a survey of the whole Bible in the past, but this year I'd like to pick a few books to really study. I'm planning to end with the Acts of the Apostles (to lead into a study of Church history next year--or maybe I'll start next year with Acts instead, depending on how it goes), but there are so many choices for historical OT books that I'm having trouble narrowing them down. Do you have any suggestions for 3 or 4 OT books that would be good to study in depth? I'd like to go past Genesis/Exodus since those stories are already so familiar to us, and maybe focus on some of the later judges/kings/prophets that would tie in with the Dorothy Mills books. Suggestions?

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    Hi, Julie.

    We are currently putting together an inter-testamental period course, but it won't be ready by fall. It includes a little book by Josephus (which is out of print, but still on Amazon under ISBN 0141026367) and The Early Church by Henry Chadwick. We also do Eusebius' History of the Church (Penguin) and Early Christian Writings (Penguin). These might be a good start for you, but they aren't easy reads.