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    Teaching Myself

    Hi there, I'm going to begin homeschooling my 4th and 1st graders this September. They get the summer off, but I'd like to start learning Latin myself. Do you have any curriculum suggestions for an adult doing self-teaching? Gratias!

    Good Idea!

    I was intimidated by Latin at first. My son started Prima Latina in the third grade. I did a few lessons myself ahead of him. I kept going and was eventually a full course ahead of him. Right now he is half way through Latina Christiana and I'm almost done with 1st form. This worked well because I had been through the course I was teaching him and knew what was coming. I found it easier to teach.

    I would suggest starting right where your kids are going to start. You can always whiz right through it and move on to the next level.

    Good Luck!


      I am also new here, but I wanted to address your question. Although my kids are now both in high school they started Latin at a very young age. My son was 5.5 and my daughter was 7.5. We started very slowly using an assortment of vendors. It was not until we started a few years later with LCI that it all started to make sense.

      I would encourage you to learn along with your children. It will surprise you how much you already know. I never really had a block of time to do a separate class for myself to stay ahead of them in any subject due to time constraints on my already packed schedule. They are young and will get it. Don't be afraid to slow down the pace to insure they absorb the material rather than check off that they completed the book. My son went through LCII twice because he had the luxury of time on his side. He completed LCI and LCII as well as 13 chapters of Wheelock's Latin by the end of his 7th grade.


        Learning together

        We're learning together as well. My eldest is 12 and we started going through LCI this summer. He probably would have been able to do First Form, but we opted for the simpler text for a variety of reasons. Primarily, we thought a mastery at a lower level would be better while we're transitioning to MP and making Latin a primary subject in our day.

        Best Wishes!