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Questions about 1st grade and math

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    Questions about 1st grade and math

    I want to order the first grade for my daughter who is. 6.5. The guideline is that if she can read Little Bear she can do 1st, is that what I saw? What would she need to read to be able to do 2nd? Honestly, reading wise she is probably between but writing is her weak point and I bet she's not up to 2nd.

    We did some of Calvert 1st this year along with other things but we misses a lot. My parents live with us and we've had a rough year. My dad died this past week of Lou Gherig's disease. He was in and out of the VA hospital. We didn't finish Calvert. Honestly it was painfully boring too.

    We are halfway through Calvert 1 Math and I do like that ok. We're going to work a little on that through the summer. I see MP uses R&S Math and grade 1 is in both K and first. How does that work? I've also heard it is a slow gentle start. If I decide to use R&S, how will I decide the level?


    Hello and welcome!
    I have been homeschooling now going on 8-9 years (time seems to flow together after a while. ). MP is the best I have found for classical as a philosophy and in practice. I am in the middle of 1st grade so let me see if I can help you.

    Yes, if she can read Little Bear somewhat easily, she is ready for 1st grade. To begin 2nd, she would need to be able to read The Courage of Sarah Noble easily. I would caution you, however, that MP is far more challenging than Calvert (which I have used for grades PreK-6th in my past. We thought it boring, among other things, too.). I would strongly hesitate to put a 6.5 year old into MP 2nd. Take a look at 3rd grade. Do you feel she could handle that in a year? If yes, go for it. If not, no need to rush.

    MP uses the Unit 1 wkbk of R&S Grade 1, 2nd edition in Kinder by spreading out the lessons with blacklines and the R&S Preschool wkbk, Counting with Numbers. MP 1st reviews Unit 1 very quickly by compressing and skipping lessons in the Unit 1 book. I would suggest you do that review regardless of finishing Calvert or not. In fact, I would suggest you not even bother with the Calvert Math at all and start fresh. R&S is far superior to Calvert and has a different method of teaching. You will do most of the teaching on a dry erase board or chalkboard then the child does one two sided page a day. If it were me, I would go ahead and order the Unit 1 wkbk and teacher's manual from (you can also see samples there) or from MP now and start working through each lesson even if she knows the material so you and she can get a feel for the program and its way of teaching. If you find it is not a good fit for her or for you, I have some other (12-14, in fact) programs I can suggest for you to try. R&S looks oh so simple and easy but VERY quickly picks up the pace. It makes sure the child has a solid foundation first. As far as level, I would start at the 1st grade book.
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      R & S Math

      Hey Angel,

      Welcome, and I'm sorry for your recent loss!

      We have also had a challenging couple of years with homeschooling. In a nutshell my two oldest are a bit behind in a couple areas, and my youngest (school-aged) child is ahead (primarily due to an extremely competitive nature).

      So, I'm working on finishing up First Start Reading with my 5 & 7 year old's, and though we have done some math with them, I recently switched them both to R & S Math 1. My original intent was to get them ready for Kinder and 1st grade this fall, but I may end up delaying that and just keeping them both at the same grade level starting Grade 1. I decided to go with the Revised R&S Math 1 because I liked how it does place values better, (boxes of crayons for ones, tens, & hundreds vs. individual farm animals) however most MPers prefer the original (which is what MP offers). Either would be an excellent choice, and I'd have to concur with Enigma, to start with Level 1 and go quickly over the stuff she has mastered. The first few lessons work on a lot of writing practice, so that might be beneficial for you. My intent is to be able to move on to the complete 2nd grade curriculum once I have my 7 year old on track, however he will still be a year behind. Given the academic standards that MP has set forth, he will still be receiving an excellent education.

      Best Wishes to you!


        Thanks for the response. That is what I really thought but wanted to make sure. I will place my order this week!