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    History Progression Question

    I have read the reasoning for going in non-chronological order. However, I am curious about coverage. Classical history seem to be very thorough, and American history and modern history is covered. I am curious about the fall of Rome through say the American colonies. Is that period covered? Do you have to add in the Famous Men of Modern Times? Is it covered in high school?

    I just don't want my kids to get to college like I did saying, "Byzantium?!? A thousand year empire, partly in Europe and in twelve years it never came up?!?" Early European history was such a black hole in my own education.


    Our 5th graders cover the period from the fall of Rome through 1450 A.D. through their study of Famous Men of the Middle Ages. They hit this period again in literature in the 8th grade with Dorothy Mills' The Middle Ages. In 6th grade, they do an American history survey that includes the 4th volume of SOTW for modern history. Then, in 10th grade, they have an AP American history class, and in 11th-12th grades, they have 2 years of AP European history. I think they cover just about everything!