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Considering a switch to MP and many questions

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    Considering a switch to MP and many questions

    My oldest just turned 9 and will be entering 4th grade. We are considering switching to MP but I feel like she is behind already! Last year was our first year HSing. Much of the year was spent figuring out where she really was in each subject, what her strengths and weaknesses are, discovering a serious need for glasses (I still feel horrible about that), and just getting a feel for how she learns best.
    I am considering the switch for several reasons but one of the main reasons is for a more structured plan in our schooling.
    All that being said, after pouring over the catalog and website it looks like it won't be good for us to do the packaged plan for 4th grade. I am looking at the following for subjects:
    Latin: Prima Latina
    Classical: Greek Myths
    Christian: Christian Studies I
    Literature: Lassie Come Home, LWW, Heidi + More (she loves to read)
    English: R&S 3 then 4
    Spelling: R&S 3 then 4
    Writing: Classical Composition The Fable Stage Y1
    Modern: States and Capitals/Artner's American History
    New American Cursive - to help strengthen a weakness
    Math: Math U See
    Science: Book of Astronomy

    Is it correct for me to assume that I can not use the lesson plans for 4th grade? What about 3rd grade?
    I can't find any sample plans online or in the catalog, except for the Jr. K in the catalog, is there somewhere that I could see a sample for the later grades?
    Are the plans easily translated over for something other than the Packaged Plan?
    Is switching to Classical even doable at this point or will we forever feel behind?
    If I can't use the MP lesson plans effectively, can someone recommend a lesson plan book that is mom friendly?

    I also will be teaching my 4 year old using the Jr. Kindergarten items. I am looking at following the lesson plans/curriculum for her.

    I am hoping to be able to get everything ready to go, have any self made lesson plans finished and be able to have a good, regular weekly schedule arranged for all of us no later than September as I will have my 2 year old learning with us and a new baby due to arrive in early November.

    Any help, insight, suggestions are very much appreciated.

    Have you considered just doing the 3rd grade package? I'm planning to do the 4th grade package with my eldest who will be in 5th (variety of reasons - reading difficulty, summer birthday, he wants to do Rome, etc.)

    As to being behind - MP is VERY advanced. The packages are based off Highlands Latin School, they read Homer in 7th grade! So if you "only" got to the 11th grade package that would be an excellent education. Second, the lesson plans are only 33 weeks, so it shouldn't be difficult to catch up to her grade.
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      I will reiterate that you don't need to worry about being behind. You have plenty of time left, and our program is quite accelerated, so just relax and enjoy it!

      It does look like you would benefit most from the 3rd grade package, and we can take math out of it. It includes Latina Christiana I instead of Prima Latina, and that would be a fine course to start with. If you would rather start with Prima though, I will be glad to get you the Prima lesson plans. And I can get you the lesson plans for NAC. We do R&S Spelling 4 in the 3rd grade because we felt the words were too easy for our students on grade level. I'm not sure how your daughter does with spelling. You may want to look at samples of those books and choose the one you feel would work best for your student.

      We'll be glad to adjust your package in any way needed so that it works best for your student.