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Considering using the Packaged Curriculum with multiple grades???

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    Considering using the Packaged Curriculum with multiple grades???


    We are entering our 3rd year homeschooling, and each I get a little closer to my vision! This year, I am considering using the Packaged Curriculum for 1st, 3rd, and 5th grades, but I have some questions!

    1. If we follow the curriculum guides, how do I plan for my day? Meaning, how many hours approx per child should I plan for? As I think they will each be doing different things and will not combine them much, if any at all.

    2. Also, we LOVE CLE math, and would want to continue with it, can that be accounted for if purchasing the complete package?

    3. Also, because we are not starting from the beginning of homeschooling, how do we begin? For example, with my 5th grader, do we do the packaged curriculum as is, or do we need to go back and do earlier things that we have not done? Like states and capitals and greek myths?


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    Hi, Alicia.

    I'll answer your questions here:

    1) Your 1st grader should only need a couple of hours a day to complete the work. Your 3rd and 5th graders will need 4-5 hrs. a day. You can combine a couple of subjects for your 3rd and 5th grader if you want to. They could both do D'Aulaires' Greek Myths this year, and your 5th grader would continue to work on classical studies a couple of years behind our schedule, but that is fine. There is plenty of time to get everything done that needs to be studied. And it would simplify your life! They could also do the same Latin - Latina Christiana I this year and First Form next year. If neither student knows the states and capitals, they could do geography together. And in another year, when they are in 4th and 6th, you could begin Classical Composition with both of them. You can combine science right now too. They could both do one of our science courses together.

    The areas in which they would need to continue to work on grade level are math, spelling, and literature.

    2 & 3) We will adjust your packages any way you need them adjusted. We will be glad to take math out and if you decide to combine some subjects, we will adjust for that too.