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    Tanya, in an old thread you mentioned having K-2 memorize 100 works of art, then repeating those same works in more detail in 3rd-5th. Do you have any tips on this? I want to work on recognizing artwork (and classical music) in our group study time and would love any ideas anyone has. (Even just a good list to start with.)

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    Hi, Amy.

    We are tweaking the art and music this summer for grades k-2nd. We are going to have at least two art pieces from each of the major periods included in each grade. Once we have a final list, we are going to print art cards for each student, and the teachers are going to have a set too. As they teach each piece of art, the teachers are going to hang them on the classroom wall by category so that the students can begin recognizing the similarities by time period. That is our basic introduction for k-2nd. Then, our long-term plan is to go back through these same art pieces in grammar school, actually studying the various periods of art in more detail. We haven't even begun work on that project yet! I'll be happy if we can just end the summer with final selections and art cards for k-2nd!

    For the music, we are also going to try to include at least 2 musical compositions from each time period just like we are breaking down the art, but we aren't even going to begin working on that until August.