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Using MP in Alabama

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    Using MP in Alabama

    Hi Everyone,
    Is there anyone here who is using or has used MP in Alabama? We are possibly moving there and they have very different rules compared to MI. We have to register with a "church school" to be legal. Most that I have found charge at least $100 and some $200, per year! I have found one that was free (finally) but I am curious what other families have done. Any suggestions for navigating this state?


    I'm in Alabama and although this will be our first official year homeschooling, we have found that, in general, it is pretty easy to homeschool here. You do have to have a cover school, but there are no requirements as to what curriculum you use (unless you choose a cover that does have requirements).
    I don't know the ages/grades of your kids, but kindergarten is not required in the state, and children don't have to be registered for school until age 6 (was age 7 until last month).
    We did kindergarten with our oldest last year without a cover and will register him this year for 1st grade while our second child will be doing kindergarten this year without being registered.
    If you don't mind answering, which cover school did you find that is free? I'm still deciding which cover to use.


      Thanks so much for the reply. This is the site I found that seems to be free.

      This is the next cheapest at $40

      My oldest will be 4 this august (practicing schooling for me . If/when we do end up moving to AL I wasn't planning to 'enroll' her til 6 years old. just because I figured I could use that time to figure it out.

      Do you (or most people you know) choose covers that are just paperwork cover schools or ones that have activities, field trips, etc...?


        Thanks! I'll check those out. I'm currently looking at The Way Home Christian School, if you want another one to look into.

        We did the same thing with the "trial run" method. My oldest is actually only 5 this year, but since we're doing 1st grade, he needs to be officially enrolled.

        Personally, I chose to do just a paperwork school. I believe The Way Home has several scheduled activities throughout the year (ice skating, back-to-school, fall festival, etc) but they are optional. I used to teach, so I'm comfortable with the actual teaching and lesson planning part and feel that I can adequately "socialize" my kids without help.
        Oh, and there are tons of homeschooling families in our area that choose both ways, so I couldn't really say which is more popular.

        Do you know where you might be moving? We're in Huntsville and have been here almost 6 years.


          my husband was just in huntsville a couple weeks ago. said it was very nice if/when we move, it'd be near or on fort Rucker (army).

          I'll check out The Way Home. i feel pretty comfortable with teaching and socializing but if everybody uses those groups for their activities, I didn't want to be odd man out