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    New to Memoria Press!

    Hi everyone~
    I am getting ready to transition to MP for the next school year. I will have 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th graders. My plan is to order the set curriculum for each child. My older 2 work pretty independently, and the younger 2 obviously need more direction. I followed four different plans this year and it worked out, although I don't think they were as rigorous as MP. I am planning on having the older 2 take their history, writing and Latin online to help us out a bit. I also have a 3 year old and am expecting a baby in October. I'm just curious to know if some of the veterans think I'm nuts to try and run 4 different programs! My personality is definitely more suited towards "following the path". Are there any tricks to doing this all at the same time? I'm really excited about the materials. We have used a few things this year and LOVED them! Thanks for your thoughts!

    If your older two can work alone, then I think it is doable. The plans are not difficult to follow or (I don't think.) overwhelming. Now if you were trying to do say 4 levels of something like Sonlight, K12 or Calvert School, I would urge you to reconsider.
    The Older Boys:
    J- 6/96: (CAPD/mild ASD) working/living on his own
    S- 11/98: Jan. 2022- BYU-I accounting major

    The Middle Boys:
    G- 4/04 (mild ASD/mild intellectual delay)
    D- 5/05 (mild processing issues)

    The Princess:
    F- 7/08

    The Youngest Boy:
    M- 9/16


      Great question Melissa!


        I think it is entirely doable. I will be running four cores this fall myself. I did three last year, and it went perfectly. The pacing of the lesson plans are the magic that make it all work. We sit around a large table, and I assist each child as needed. We start with prayer, scripture study and recitations and then we pull each students lesson plans and books for the day and everyone starts working. I take turns giving direct instruction on Latin, math, reading or other subjects to one child, while the others complete assignments independently. I make the rounds between them and the younger children (K-2) are done within two hours or so. Once they finish, the younger children are free to play together while continue on directing the older children. I find that we often enjoy a very cooperative spirit around the school table, and miss the experience during the summer break.

        Anastasia Heder

        daughter MP 7th grade
        son MP 3rd grade
        son MP 1st grade
        daughter MP JrK
        son 2yrs