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Extras needed for 1st grade?

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    Extras needed for 1st grade?

    As I am perusing the lovely 1st grade materials, I wonder what extras I'll need to gather outside of the MP curriculum and books? For example, I see art prints mentioned. Are prints of the art included or do the parents find the prints? Anything else? Just wondering if I'll get the MP curriculum guide and find out I have to gather lots of other things.

    And, any chance MP will want to visit the great Northwest?

    Hi! I just started MP 1st after doing MP Kinder with my 7 and 6 yr olds.

    To my knowledge, Tanya is working on getting art cards together but for now you will need to collect them yourself. You will also need to find the music selections. From what I remember, for MP to collect these to sell is prohibitive. My advice is to hit iTunes for them. Most of the enrichment books are available through the library or MP sells a set. These are optional parts of the curriculum, though.

    For the core, you do not need anything but the package MP sells. I will say I did sub out the MP spelling for All About Spelling but that is because my guys need a different approach in that area. Other than that, we love it!

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