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Is Prima Latina ok for a 4th grader

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    Is Prima Latina ok for a 4th grader

    with not much latin? We did song school latin this year in 3rd and it was very gentle. If we used Prima Latina for 4th, would we move to Latina Christiana 1 for 5th and then to FFL for 6th?
    3 graduates (used LC1&2, Traditional Logic)
    G (4th grade using old MP core 3, GSWL, Strayer-Upton book 2)
    S (9th grade Abeka US History, Abeka Themes in Literature, Henle Latin w/MP guide, Systematic Mathematics w/LOF, Anatomy and Physiology, Art of Argument)

    If your student already has some Latin (even if it's not much) and is in 4th grade, then Prima Latina might be too easy. I would recommend LC1 and taking it slowly if you would like to maintain a gentle pace. The big question is not really how much Latin your student has, but how well they know it. If your student is confident and seems to know the material well, I'd go with LC1. If your student was struggling, then you might want to do Prima Latina. Everything in Prima Latina is in LC1, so you can always still use the latter and just move slower if necessary. I hope this helps you plan. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
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