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How does Rod & Staff and Singapore math compare

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    How does Rod & Staff and Singapore math compare

    In my experience of homeschooling, we've been a Singapore math family. I'm looking at the first grade package (it looks lovely!) and I wonder if someone can compare Singapore and Rod & Staff math for first grade. Perhaps Rod & Staff follows more of the classical model of the grammar stage first? Singapore definitely seems to jump ahead to the logic stage in math at the beginning, yet it's been a good fit for our family.

    I'm definitely willing to try something new. I don't see Memoria Press coming out to the NW anytime soon, so I won't get a chance to preview the curriculum and instead will have to ask my questions here

    Ask away. This is a nice place.

    R&S is traditional math. It moves nice and slow but you can move along rapidly if you like. Much of the teaching is done on the board before the child sees the concept in his workbook pages. You can see samples of the books at Be sure to look at the 1st grade 2nd edition books as these are the ones MP uses. The 1st grade 3rd edition is very different. It is also the only level they have done. There was an old thread about it that I will try to find and link for you here.

    My best advice is if Singapore works well for your family/child, don't switch.

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