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    Numbers book

    I am leaning toward starting my son in Memoria Press' 1st grade work in the fall. I have always used products from The Well Trained Mind and those written by Susan Wise Bauer and loved them. After teaching three other girls 1st grade the WTM way, I need something new! The Memoria Press plans and books look terrific! (Plus my little cowboy loves Billy and Blaze!)

    Now to my question: My ds 6yo is doing K work now and I have never used a formal math program for K, mostly doing counting, skip counting, math games, real life math, etc. I'm curious about Lowe's new Numbers books. I wonder if I should get both or perhaps just the second one for my son to do?

    I've read the general description and saw the sample, but I wonder if anyone can tell me a bit more? I just want to avoid spending $15 for a book if it's more of a preschool book. I wish there were a few more samples to get an idea of what is in each book.

    Thank you for any help!

    numbers book

    Hi! I could be wrong here, but I believe the Numbers Book was originally going to be part of the PreK curriculum. They are still trying to decide how exactly to incorporate the Numbers Book (last I heard), but felt like the second book was going to be difficult for PreK students, so were perhaps only going to use the first of the two for PreK. I know the K and 1st curriculum uses Rod and Staff Math as the main math component.

    Hope that helps.

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      Hilary is correct about the Numbers Book. It was too hard for our Jr. K students. We are now not introducing it until the middle of the Jr. K year, so we will only be doing Book 1. We may add Book 2 to our kindergarten program, but I haven't run that by our teachers yet.

      Book 1 covers the numbers 1-15 and Book 2 covers the numbers 16-100. The numbers get difficult to write as soon as you get to '2' so it was too much for them at the beginning of the year along with learning to write the letters of the alphabet.

      I hope this helps.



        Would this book then replace the R&S Counting with Numbers wkbk for Kinder then? I have my 3 1/2 yr dd who is flying through Adventures with Books so I am trying to decide if she should skip Counting or not for now.
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          Counting with Numbers

          I would hate to lose Counting with Numbers. I love the little rhymes that teach how to write the numbers.
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            I'm not sure what we would do, but the 2nd Numbers Book is more difficult than Counting With Numbers, so it wouldn't replace it. I'm thinking Numbers Book 2 would be a supplement for the second semester - maybe we would do fewer blacklines? Primary school isn't really my area, so I have to see what the primary teachers think. I'll do that soon.