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First Form or Second?

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    First Form or Second?

    I'm considering using either First Form or Second Form Latin next year. My children will be 7th , 7th, and 6th grade next year and are about to complete 4 years of Latin study using Latin For Children A-C plus Song School Latin before that. I don't think my kids have as firm a grasp on what they have learned as they need to have. For example, I feel like we have to look up verb endings and definitions too much when doing translation. My younger child is especially struggling and doesn't even want to continue studying Latin. We've learned a lot of Latin, but I don't know how much of it has stuck.

    I really like what I see in the First Form Latin, but it may be too much review for a whole year. I wish I could see the First Form Bridge material that you offer when starting with Second Form to help me decide. How many weeks does it take? Table of contents?

    The other thing I wondered is should I do the First Form at an accelerated pace and then move into Second Form. That would be very expensive for me as I have to buy 3 student sets. That is why I'm wondering if the bridge + Second Form is the better option, plus it doesn't put us too far behind.

    Thanks for your help!

    I'm posting here the table of contents of both First Form and Second Form.

    The Bridge unit you mentioned is designed to teach students who have done Latina Christiana I and II the material they need to continue to Second Form. It isn't a quick-review program, but rather just Units 2 and 5 from First Form.

    We highly encourage mastery learning, so in your case it seems better to start with First Form, doing it quickly. It will save a lot of headaches later as they won't have to be looking up the endings all the time when doing translation.

    As for buying three student sets, really the only necessary book you would have to buy for EACH student is the student workbook ($15). They can share the textbook and make their own flashcards. I really think this is the way to go if they are very shaky on the declension and conjugation endings.

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      We used Latin for Children A-C. My son did not retain the grammar very well.

      We have worked through First Form this year and haven't regretted it. He has done much better with the format and it has been a good confidence boost.
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        Thanks so much for the advice. I think we'll do First Form.