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    I am interested in learning more about the contents of the lesson plans. I will have a rising 2nd and 4th grader and we are happy with our math, spelling and composition programs. I plan to follow the rest as suggested in the 3rd grade package since we "jumping in". I am confident in pacing a program for my child but am wondering whether there is more in the lesson plans compared in the student and teacher books for Greek Myths, Christian Studies, Astronomy and States & Capitals. Are there appendixes to the lesson plans and if so, what are they?

    I assume you have already looked at the samples we have posted online (for example at

    Mainly the lesson plans are there to help you properly space out the content. Most of our books are not broken up into 34 lessons, so it is sometimes difficult to know how much time to spend on each lesson.

    However, they do have appendixes, varying by grade according to what the teachers who developed them thought was necessary. For example, the 2nd grade lesson plans have daily prayers, recitations, memory verses, book lists, supplemental phonics activities, weekly spelling worksheets, and more. The 4th grade currently does not have those supplements, though we are looking to eventually put them in.

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      Any chance the 4th grade appendix would be done by fall? We are using the 3rd grade now and I love the weekly memory section.


        Yes! That is on my list for teacher work this summer. I do have 4th-6th grade teachers coming to work when they get out of school, and this is a priority project.




          Oh that is good news! I have the 5th and 6th grade as well and really miss having that appendix!! I just love it....probably for my memory more than the children's!