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5th grade dd completed LC II, now on to Second Form or Helne I?

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    5th grade dd completed LC II, now on to Second Form or Helne I?

    My 5th grade daughter just finished LC II. For sixth grade, should I move her into Second Form OR Henle I? I see on the description of Henle I, it says that it could even be used with a 5th or 6th grader that has completed LC I & II.

    The Form Series

    I'm not sure what the official MP position is on this, but here is my opinion. I have a 15 year-old daughter who moved straight into Henle, because the Form series was not available at the time. (It took two full years to complete Henle I, doing every exercise.) She is now in Henle II, but I wish we had used the Form series as a bridge. My 9 year old is almost finished with First Form Latin, and I can really see what a difference it has made in his level of understanding of the Latin grammar, which exceeds his older sister's. She can translate, but it is slow going, because she has to constantly look up the tense endings. I don't think he is going to have that problem. The DVD lessons are worth every penny.
    Hope this helps.



      It's going to depend on the student, but we generally would recommend moving on to Second Form Latin. You will need a (free) Bridge Unit that includes some material covered in First Form that is not covered in LCI and II. Just call us when you place your order and let us know you need the bridge unit.

      While Henle can be done at a relatively young age, it is not as user-friendly as the Form Series (though an excellent text that we definitely recommend for after the Form Series). Since your daughter will be in 6th grade, she will be right on track if she does Second Form, as we recommend it for 6th graders. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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        P.S. Jude, thank you for sharing your opinion. We're glad First Form is working so well for your 9 year old! Henle does have a lot of review lessons and exercises in Henle II, and maybe having your 15 year old go over some of those will help her master the endings and make translation much more easy and enjoyable.
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          Thank you

          Thank you both so much!! I'm going to go with Second Form for 6th grade. I have LOVED the DVDs from Latina Christiana, and look forward to the Second Form DVDs.


            Tackling Units II & V of First Form

            I received the Second Form + bridge unit a couple of days ago. Looking through it all, I see that we need to complete Unit II & Unit V of First Form, before diving in to Second Form.

            My question is this: should I buy the First Form DVD to learn the lessons for those two units? (The DVDs for LC I & II have been helpful for us.) Do people usually purchase the First Form DVD for these two units?



              People don't generally need the dvds for these 2 units of FF because they are already familiar with the way a conjugation works. I think that if you just read over the lessons in the teacher manual, the grammar will be clear to you. And SF begins with a review, so those dvds may take care of any questions you have. I just hate for you to have to spend the money for the FF dvds when you won't be needing them long. But if you feel it would be a good resource for you to have for review, we will be glad to sell them to you!