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    ? The Golden Children's Bible

    We have been using Egermeier's Bible Story Book for the last few years. While I'm very interested in the Christian Studies program, I'm hesitant to purchase another Bible story book. Is The Golden Children's Bible a Bible story book or a simplified translation of the Bible? TIA

    Here is what I am thinking about this...

    I grew up on Egermeier's--literally read the covers off it--and have read it to my son, as well. But I'm going to get the Golden Bible IF we do Christian studies because he still loves the story format but the Golden Bible "lifts" more of the KJV wording--giving a much larger sense of the beauty of the language, and a closer tie to the KIND of writing he will read in his adult Bible.

    I used this same criteria, btw, in choosing the "children's Shakespeare" we used. Garfield uses modern English to carry the story along, but "lifts" directly from Shakespeare a LOT of Shakespeare's exact language. The net-net is that the kid isn't lost in the story-line, but he does LOVE the music and magic of Shakespeare's writing.

    The reason I care about KJV words is not so much that we are KJV Bible readers, although that would be another good reason, but there are a lot of other Bibles people use, but they should STILL make their kids aware of the KJV words because it is used so frequently in the Great Books as a literary device to bring forward whole bodies of thought from the Bible into the Great Book.

    I got an A in a college Great Books class and never read a single book--but I knew my Bible (KJV wording included) COLD. It was a sort of a game with me to see if I could convey understanding of the major works of the world simply by knowing my Bible. Seems so.


      BTW, the "unregistered" above was me!

      I finally figured out how to register!


        Thanks for your informative response. I had an opportunity just a few days ago to look at The Golden Children's Bible at a local bookstore. I was impressed with what I saw. We have loved the Egermeier's Story Bible, but this is definitely a "step" up, so to speak.

        Again, many thanks for taking the time to respond.