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Lingua Biblica with First Form Latin?

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    Lingua Biblica with First Form Latin?


    We are almost finished FFL and I've just purchased Lingua Biblica.

    Is it appropriate to begin it at this stage? It looks like it would be fine but would appreciate anyone's experience!


    If you've almost finished First Form, you can definitely begin using Lingua Biblica. I would start with the Level 1 exercises and, in the early lessons, you may want to add the Level 2 exercises depending on the abilities of your student and/or if Level 1 is too easy. Lingua Biblica is tied to the Henle program, so you will occasionally find a grammar point you haven't learned, not often in Level 1 but more and more frequently in Level 2. If that is the case, feel free to skip the question. You can always come back to it later, as Lingua Biblica can be used over multiple years (The Form Series actually covers more content than Henle First Year Latin, but in a different order). Any unfamiliar vocabulary should be found in the appendix or in the reading. The only caveat I would give is to remember that Lingua Biblica is a supplement. The primary focus should be on mastering the grammar forms and Form Series vocabulary (May I assume you will move on to Second Form?). If Lingua Biblica is too hard or taking up too much time, feel free to go more slowly or even stop for a while. Again, it will be a nice supplement and expose your student to Latin reading at a very early stage (which is great!), but make sure the Form Series or whatever grammar program you continue with is the primary focus. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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      Thank you!

      Super clear and I appreciate your taking such care in replying. Will take your points and implement!