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Can I use FF with Classical pronunciation?

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    Can I use FF with Classical pronunciation?

    We have been using programs the past few years that use Classical pronunciation. I really like the simplicity of FF, and am looking into it for next year.

    Does FF use only Ecclesiastical in its presentation? Would I be able to (somewhat) easily continue on with Classical while using FF, or would I just be messing with my boys' minds...


    You can easily use First Form with a classical pronunciation, but you might want to avoid the cd, which is ecclesiastical. The dvds are also ecclesiastical, and I'm not sure if that would mess with your children or not. My son had Latin with an ecclesiastical pronunciation for years, and then he had a teacher who used the classical pronunciation. I think it was confusing at first, but he soon adapted to it, and continued to use the ecclesiastical pronunciation himself - kind of like my southern drawl communicating with a far northern accent - different, but the same words.

    As far as the books themselves go, the grammar is the same, regardless of which pronunciation you use.


    Tanya Charlton


      Thanks Tanya,

      It is good to know that I could still use it, if I choose to; grammar is grammar, no matter how you pronounce it.