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Classical Guide vs. Independent Study

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    Classical Guide vs. Independent Study

    Hi, Tanya. I have planned for my K-2 kids to work with me for one or two afternoons a week in one of four subjects. We work for 1 1/2-2 hours:

    Christian Studies: A Child's Story Bible, The Children's Illustrated Bible, Big Picture Bible Timeline (coloring book)

    Geography: Legends & Leagues (geography from VP)

    Nature Study: Usborne First Nature Book (recommended by MP)

    Classical Studies/History: A Child's History of the World (recommended in LCC)

    With my 3rd-6th graders I planned to have them do their MP guides by grade level. However, last night I read the intro to the Classical Studies guide and it has grades 3-5 working together on Classical Studies. Should I follow that or should I follow the grade level lesson plans?


    Shaina Seville

    I would follow the graded plans. That Intro. to Classical Studies is great for older students who want a quick catch-up, and it was written before we had individual guides for these books. Now that we have the guides, your students will get a more thorough study because they will do more work within each time period.

    I think your plan sounds awesome!