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Would love a rush on PreK

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    Would love a rush on PreK


    My son is almost done with his preschool R & S workbooks and so today I was looking at FSR which I bought a little while ago. I think he is ready for reading but I still don't think he is ready for writing the amount that is in FSR. He is not yet 5, but will be in a few months. I don't think it would hurt him to work on fine motor a little more before jumping into FSR b/c I don't want to frustrate him and I really want the writing component of FSR (that is the main reason I bought it). How long would you guess until PreK is fully proofed and on the website? I think he will be done with his work within 2 weeks and I don't want too much of a lapse. I do have the Kindergarten R & S set but I'd rather wait for yours and then resell that one. Maybe I could just buy the workbooks without the guide and have him do those pages, but I don't want to buy the number book if it isn't done.


    Hi, Shaina.

    I am going to meet with our preschool teacher in the next day or so, and get her to look through the Alphabet and Numbers books with me. Then, we will make our final changes and they will be ready to go. Our copy editor is working through the preschool curriculum guide, so it will be proofed soon. You can get the books as they are now, and then we'll send you replacements for them as we perfect them. It sounds like this would be a good fit for your son, especially to work on his fine motor skills.

    Your other option, if you really think he is ready to read, is to do some of FSR orally rather than doing all of that writing. But, boys do better if they aren't rushed anyway, so I'd opt for working through preschool now. As a parent of two grown sons, I can say that they did better when allowed to move at a slower pace.