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    New Grammar Book Question

    I looked at the sample and have a few questions. Is this going to replace the lit guides as there is some lit work included? Will space be given for the student to write in their recitation and Guided discussion question answers? The answers to the recitation are currently printed in the student sample I am seeing on the website. Is this just an error?

    I am guessing once the teacher's guide sample is up, all this will become clear.
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    The Older Boys:
    J- 6/96: (CAPD/mild ASD) working/living on his own
    S- 11/98: Jan. 2022- BYU-I accounting major

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    G- 4/04 (mild ASD/mild intellectual delay)
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    The Princess:
    F- 7/08

    The Youngest Boy:
    M- 9/16


    The new grammar book will not replace the lit. guides. We put writing work in the grammar book because so many of our customers want additional writing work or want a writing program and don't use our lit. guides. But if you are using the MP lit. guides for 3rd grade, you will merely want to pick and choose among the writing activities between the grammar guide and lit. guides. You will probably not want to do them all.

    Our lit. guides have plenty of writing activities within them, besides also teaching students to write good sentences in answer to the comprehension questions, which is a writing project all by itself! But if you want to do additional writing, the new grammar book will help you!

    Our 4th-6th grade grammar books (when they come) will not have writing in them because we will begin Classical Composition in 4th grade.