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Pronunciation on CD vs. DVD for PL & LCI

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    Pronunciation on CD vs. DVD for PL & LCI

    I'm attempting to teach Prima Latina to a group of four children and their moms. One of the things I've noticed on the PL CD is that the pronunciation does not seem consistent. Many times she seems to resort to regular english pronunciation instead of using the rules taught at the beginning of the book. The class does not listen to the CD so I'm able to make those changes when I get to teaching them. I'm not a Latin scholar by anyone's imagination, but it seems to me that if the book says that pronunciation is a certain way, then we should stick with it. I noticed the discrepencies when they are teaching the names of the constellations.

    My question is this... Do the LCI DVD's use a more accurate pronunciation taught in the books? Or is pronunciation not the primary purpose of the DVD? I just didn't want to have to teach the pronunciation over each time the class went throught the DVD.

    Sherri in BC, Canada

    Why the DVDs do not always use Latin pronunciation


    I think the CD's use an English pronunciation for the constellations because it's the pronunciation your students will hear people use when referring to the constellations. Since most people don't know Latin pronunciation, they commonly pronounce the names of the constellations the English way.

    I don't think the pronunciation used in the DVD's is any different from that used in the CD's (although I can't be sure because I don't have any).



      I think....

      That it is Leigh's southern "twang" that comes through at times too. I just try to stick with what is in the book (although we are pretty "twang-y" ourselves).