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Second Post- writing question, please help

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    Second Post- writing question, please help


    I am very excited about the materials used by the Highlands School and from Memoria Press. My question is this; my dd, in 3d grade has just started Prima Latina. We have been using a traditional English course with her that caovers both grammar and writing. Since we are switching to straight Latin for grammar, how is writing handled? Do I need to purchase a separate writing program, and if so, what are the recommendations? Should we still be doing just copying and dictating at her age? She reads voraciously and has an extensive vacabulary because of that.

    Thanks, Ann

    Help for you


    I'm not much of an authority on this kind of stuff, but I'll try to help.

    No, you don't need to buy a separate writing program. For some input on how to teach writing, read "One Myth, Two Truths: How to Turn Good Readers into Good Writers Too" on pages 22-23 of the winter 2005 edition of the Classical Teacher (Memoria Press's catalog).

    I'm fresh out of homeschool high school. I taught myself and am teaching my younger brothers and sister. My own experience has been that writing in earnest doesn't need to be begun until the junior high or high school years.

    I recommend using Frode Jensen's English grammar, punctuation, and writing books for the high school years. You can find them by going to (However, depending on how far along in Latin your daughter is by high school, you may not need Jensen's grammar book.)

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      I appreciate the help!