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    Complete Curriculum

    We are considering the Memoria Curriculum for our children, the eldest of which is approaching kindergarden. My husband has concerns, though, about starting a program that is incomplete (still being written - I think that he is worried that it will remain incomplete, leaving us part way through). Is your current goal a k-12 curriculum? Will it all be released, at least in beta form in the next several years? Finally, how heavy is the reading list for 7-12 (in terms of books per year - how quickly classics are read? Is there ever an emphasis on more modern classics/philosophies? I see there is a Famous Men of Modern Times, but it doesn't seem to be included anywhere in the sequencing.


    I understand your concern. We are working hard on providing a complete curriculum for all grades. We are finalizing 3rd-6th grades now, and we have begun work on 7th-12th. We already have several resources for middle-high school students, and our teachers are currently working on more books. The advantage we have is that our curriculum comes out of our school and is written and tested by our teachers. So, the curriculum is actually in place already. It just takes a lot of work to format it into study guides.

    If you want to see what kind of work we do in middle-high school, a good resource would be our Highlands Latin School website, If you click on Academics, you can see book lists for each subject. Those books will be the ones we provide in our curriculum packages for the upper grades. If you compare our K-6th grade packages to the HLS booklists, you will see that they come directly out of the school and what we are doing there.

    So, don't worry! We already have it all worked out, and we aren't going anywhere. We are working hard to provide homeschoolers with a quality education based on a successful academic school model.


    Tanya Charlton