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LC Flashcards for First Form?

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  • tanya

    You would need to use the First Form flashcards with FF because, though there are some carry-over words, there are also lots of new words in FF. And you will need to study the new words more than the review words in order to gain mastery over them.

    High school credit can only be earned in high school. It wouldn't carry over from grammar school. But don't worry! There's lots of Latin to do in high school for credit!



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  • orear
    started a topic LC Flashcards for First Form?

    LC Flashcards for First Form?

    I have the flashcards for both LC I & II. I'm switching from LC to First Form for my last child. Can I use the LC flashcards with First Form, or is it easier to have the ones designed for FF?

    Also, this may seem like a really stupid question but I'll ask it anyway. I see that FF qualifies for a high school foreign language credit. Does that count no matter when the course was taken, or does it only count if taken 9-12? Same with French...1 & 2 count toward one HS credit but do they both have to be taken sometime during 9-12 to count?