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LCI - Lesson 7 question

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    LCI - Lesson 7 question

    I am SO learning this along with my kids and I have SO much to learn! (Wish I had even half the memory they do!)

    At the bottom of the teacher's manual, the first paragraph says,

    "This declension is for repetition and review of the first declension. Decline the other two first declension nouns..."

    Which declension is for repetition and review? Is it talking about "terra" being declined on the student's page? If so, what are the other two first declension nouns? I count three: stella, ursa, and ira.

    not getting it but not giving up,


    re:lesson 7

    "This declension" refers to the grammar forms for this week, which are a review since you did the first declension noun "mensa" in lesson 5. I think you caught a typo because there are indeed three, not two, first declension nouns in the vocabulary list. Keep up the good work!