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New American Cursive 1 or 2?

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    New American Cursive 1 or 2?


    I'm very interested in using many of Memoria's materials for my daughter who will be in 2nd grade next year. She's an advanced reader and she's got beautiful manuscript writing. She has not yet practiced any cursive writing, and I'd like to start the NAC books next year. Should I start her out with NAC1 since she's got no experience in cursive writing or NAC2 because she's beginning 2nd grade? I guess ultimately the question is whether NAC2 is simply practice or is it instructional like NAC1? Also, with all this in mind which copybook do you recommend to couple nicely with your NAC recommendation?

    In His Heart,
    Maureen Branson

    PS. We're super excited about the 2nd grade lit guides and Prima Latina!!


    You would want to begin with NAC1. It actually teaches each letter and how to connect them. NAC2 assumes a knowledge of all this with just a little review. And there's no reason to rush it. Many people don't start cursive until 2nd grade, or even 3rd. We use Copybook II with NAC1. While the students are working on learning each cursive letter, they are continuing to do all of their written work in manuscript. Then, when they move into NAC2 the next year, they will be doing most, if not all, of their written work in cursive. At that point, we move into Copybook III, which we have recently printed in cursive. So, we transition slowly into cursive that first year.

    I'm glad you are excited about using our 2nd grade guides. Let us know if you have further questions.


    Tanya Charlton