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    FFL question

    Hello! I have a couple of minor questions regarding FFL. I just want to make sure that I am Keeping up clearly with my daughter.
    In Lesson 3/ Worksheet 4, The Form drills list 'we overcome." In the teachers answer guide it is listed as a future tense. Both my daughter and I were confused with the absence of the word 'will' so we selected it as the present tense. Is this a misprint or did we miss something?
    Also in the same lesson where you are asked to diagram Superabo we were wondering why in the teachers manual the (o) is singled out as the subject as opposed to (bo) as the subject.
    Thank you for your time and explanation!

    The downloadable correction sheet for FF Latin states that it should be "Superamus" Present tense. That correction sheet is printable and very helpful!


      Could you please direct me to where I need to go to download corrections for First Form.
      Thank you very much!!


        I just copied and pasted the whole PDF page for you and hit "submit" and it disappeared to nowhere. GRRRR. I'll try it again. I remembered I found it on the First Form Latin Yahoo Group, not this forum, and since it's in PDF form I don't know how to get it to you. The corrections aren't listed on this forum for some reason. Okay here goes (again!!):



        Student Text

        10 Last bullet should have a footnote #2, not an asterisk.
        19 In diagram, ‘stole’ should be ‘stola’
        70 Chart should say ‘2nd Declension M,’ not ‘M/F’
        84 Future Tense, 2nd Conj. 1st p. pl. should be ‘monebimus,’ not ‘monebimis’

        Student Workbook

        6 Numbering is off. #6 is not numbered. (What is numbered as 6 should be 7)
        8 #23 (that should be #24), we left this off the pronunciation cd; we have
        uploaded it as an mp3 on our website.
        45 #3 should say ‘How do you find the present stem?’
        67 Bottom chart - Instructions should read ‘Conjugate accuso in the perfect
        system. Give meanings in singular only.’
        68 Translation Skills #5 `exspectavisti’ is misspelled
        68 Translation Skills #9, ‘oppugnaverunt’ has an extra ‘p’
        131 Instructions should read ‘Decline nouns,’ not ‘Decline portus.’
        167 Drill B #3 should be ‘mansistis,’ without the ‘u’

        Teacher Key

        Workbook Key:

        Page/Lesson/Worksheet Correction
        23/3/4 #4 should be ‘superamus’ and Pr. tense should be marked
        37/6/4 Drill B, #4 answer should be ‘clamabam’
        42/7/2 Form Drills #12 should be ‘hsi errs’
        68/12/5 Translation Skills #3 should be marked ‘you (pl)’
        68/12/5 Translation Skills #5 should be ‘You often waited for (expected)’
        68/12/5 Translation Skills #6 should be ‘He did not blame.’
        68/12/5 Translation Skills #8 should be ‘He had always hoped’
        68/12/5 Translation Skills #9 should be ‘Today they have attacked.’
        74/13/6 Drill B should be ‘demonstraveras’
        129/24/5 Last diagram should be ‘sailor,’ not ‘queen’
        137/26/3 Translation Skills #6 should be ‘pl.’
        161/31/1 First chart has principal parts for ‘voco’ and should be ‘amo’: amo, amare, amavi, amatus, I love, to love, I have loved, loved
        163/31/3 Drill B #7 should be ‘respondebit’ 163 31 3 Drill B #7 should be ‘respondebit’
        167/32/3 Pluperfect conjugation of ‘jubeo’ has an extra ‘u’ in sing. and 1st p. pl. - should read ‘jusseram, jusseras, jusserat, jusseramus’

        Quizzes & Tests Key:

        Lesson/Question #
        4/1 Answer to ‘What is the tense sign?’ should be ‘ba’
        6/15 Should say ‘conjugation,’ not ‘declension’

        So there it is. I had to tweak it slightly to make it more readable, since the PDF was in chart form that I can't reproduce here. Oh -- don't confuse the `' marks for accent marks. They were used here for quotes, as in:

        "This" should be "That". But MM wrote it like `This' should be `That'. No accent marks here!

        Hope this helps!
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          This is very helpful. Thank you so very much!!



            In answer to this question:

            Also in the same lesson where you are asked to diagram Superabo we were wondering why in the teachers manual the (o) is singled out as the subject as opposed to (bo) as the subject.

            The 'o' ending in Latin stands for the pronoun 'I.' The 'b' is your tense sign, telling you that this word is in the future tense and should be translated with the helping verb 'will.' I stands alone as your subject.

            I hope this helps.




              Thank you so very much Tanya. This is very helpful information.