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Christian Studies for grade 5

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    Christian Studies for grade 5

    I am wondering when this program will be available and also if the study covers doctrine? Do you think a non-catholic could easily use this program?

    Thank you,

    Thanks for the great question. The Christian Studies courses will be released soon - hopefully the first one will ship in the next couple weeks. The second and third books in the series will follow shortly after.

    The Memoria Press Christian Studies guides are companions to the Golden Children's Bible which was approved by an editorial board consisting of leaders from the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish faiths. The Memoria Press Christian Studies Guides are likewise appropriate for those of diverse faith backgrounds.

    Additionally, the Christian Studies books have been used in our Highlands Latin School for several years by Catholic and Protestant students alike. Because the Golden Children's Bible and our Christian Studies courses have been thoughtfully prepared to never undermine a child's faith background, we have yet to hear complaints from our families about the content of either.


      Thanks Leigh


        Can you describe the format

        of the lessons? Are the lessons following the "stories" of the Golden Childrens book only? Does it have any Catechism or any other Catholic doctrine for those of us that are Catholic?

        Thanks so much.



          I'd like to know an answer to this too, please.



            And *I* would like to know if a 5th grader will feel "babied" by Christian studies...

            Thanks a lot!



              Hi Patty - I'm not sure how a 5th grader would feel 'babied' by Christian Studies - all I can say is that we have been using the Classical Studies Set, and therefore the Golden Children's Bible, with several of my children, who range in age from 6 to 13 - and they are all enjoying it. That's the great thing about the Golden Children's Bible - it's simple, so young children can understand it, but it is not done in a 'babyish' format, so older children enjoy it also.

              Hope that helps!
              ADNIL PRESS