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Who are the Teutons?

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    Who are the Teutons?

    We just began Famous Men of the Middle Ages and were wondering this: Do the Teutons include Scandinavia? Are the Germanic Myths the same thing as Norse myths, or are they different?


    I do believe that the Germanic and Scandinavian gods would all fall under the same umbrella. The Teutonic peoples originated from northern Europe, and eventually did become the Germans, Norse, Swedish, Dutch, Austrians, etc. Honestly, when I was teaching this course, I always skipped over these first chapters on the Norse gods because our students were already so immersed in Greek mythology, and I found this book difficult to complete in a year anyway.
    I did go back and refer to them when we were studying Attila the Hun, and he found the 'sword of Tiew.' The students do need to understand the pagan religion of these northern barbarians who took over Europe, but only generally. These gods aren't nearly as important as the Greek/Roman gods that so pervade literature and the classics.

    I hope this helps.



      Yes, this does help, thank you. I think that I will spend more time on these myths though, because I know that C.S. Lewis was really into Norse Mythology. I am interested in what he found so fascinating--even while he was yet a pagan/atheist himself and on into his Christian conversion--he still loved these myths.
      My son does love the "Famous Men" books and is always begging to read the next story, so I think we will be able to get through the book even with our side trip into Norse/Germanic mythology.