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Which Lit guides for a 10 year old?

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    Which Lit guides for a 10 year old?

    I will be purchasing literature guides from you for my 10 year old son. In the 4th grade books, you show sample pages from Heidi. Does the difficulty level increase from 1 book to another--is there an order in which these books should be read? Is the work required in Heidi pretty much the same depth of understanding as in the other 4th grade books?

    I have noticed that my son reads too quickly and misses details and I believe that your reading program will address these defecits in his reading and comprehension skills as well as instruct him in the interpretation of a story. What overall are the goals of the 4th grade literature guides? I want him to be challenged but not overwhelmed.


    Our literature guides do get more difficult as they progress. The 3rd-4th grade guides ask more concrete questions, but the 5th-6th grade guides begin asking some abstract questions that require more complicated thinking. Heidi is a very good fit for a 4th grader. Our guides help students with vocabulary, writing, and reading comprehension. We practice writing good complete sentences to answer the questions.

    I don't think our guides would be overwhelming to your son. Our goal for students in 3rd-4th grades is that they master a good sentence. We begin by modeling good sentences with them, and then work toward their independence in that area.

    I hope this helps.


    Tanya Charlton