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    Looking ahead for next year

    I am a homeschooling mom to five and a half year old twin girls. We have been using the Get Ready for the Code workbook series for phonics, Saxon Math K, and Handwriting Without Tears for writing. They will officially be "kindergarten" age this Fall (2010), and I am very interested in your Kindergarten package. Does it sound like your kindergarten program would be the next reasonable step or would we be repeating an excessive amount of material? I am not overly anxious about grade designations so I am open to suggestions. Thanks, Jeannie


    I am not familiar with the phonics program you are using, so I will tell you about ours and you can make the comparison based on your children's progress. Our program spends most of the year on short vowels, introducing the letters of the alphabet one at a time. Each lesson is also a penmanship lesson. The students begin writing the letters immediately. And, the way Cheryl has laid out the letters, she introduces 'm,' 'a,' and 's.' Then, she teaches the capital 'I,' and students begin writing 'I am Sam.' So they only know a few letters, but they are already writing sentences. She also intersperses little stories that use only the letters the students know up to that point, so they begin reading stories fairly soon also. We supplement our books with SRA Phonics 1, which gives the students more practice. Once all of the letters have been mastered, the rest of the year is devoted to long vowels, s-, l-, r- blends, the 3 sounds of 'y,' sh/ch/th/wh, and plurals.

    I don't know how well your children are reading, so it is hard for me to say if this would be too much repetition of material they have mastered already, but I will say that mastery is what you are needing, so it certainly wouldn't hurt to do some review while gradually introducing new material.

    The students are also using our Copybook I all year, which requires them to print Bible verses and work on sentence structure alongside their phonics work.

    I hope this information helps you. If you need further clarification, I'll be glad to help you. Have you looked at the sample pages of our programs on our website?


    Tanya Charlton


      It sounds like your program would be a nice fit for us. We have covered most of the consonants this year thus far, and we are just about to begin the actual Explode the Code workbook 1 which begins the vowels. I have looked at the sample week on the website, and I am very impressed with the presentation. Thank you for the extra details about the phonics program. I think I have found our curriculum for next year!