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    Activity ideas for flashcards?

    I'm teaching a group of children using PL. I'm considering purchasing the LCI flashcards. I've been making my own up to this point. Can someone give me some ideas of activities to do with the flashcards? Games? Do the cards have writing on the front and the back? Are there idea sheets with the flashcards? So far we've played a matching game with the cards I've made. And we've played "concentration". But it would be nice to have a couple of other games to play. We're also going to try playing Word Xchange using only Latin words. Any other ideas?

    One thing we do with flash cards is "war." Since I only have two students, this works quite well. Whoever gets the word first, gets the card. If they tie, we put those in the middle, and it's "War." Whoever gets the next answer fastes gets all those cards. Sometimes we have three or four ties before getting a winner. They're pretty hyped up by the end of a round of this!
    I have my flashcards grouped into sections, and I'll pick a section every week for review. We don't usually play war with brand new vocabulary.
    I suppose if you have more than two students, war might still work, or you could play "around the world."
    Another thing the girls love to play is charades. Sometimes I let them make their own up, but I'll say "It has to be a sentence," or "you have to put an adjective with a noun." They may act out "The master sits," or "a large queen." Then I'll have them say the singular and the plural.
    I hope this helps!