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how long for classical writing in LCC

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    how long for classical writing in LCC

    Classical writing is the item in LCC that intimidates me the most. If anyone out there is doing this with 4th-5th graders, can you tell me how much time per day/week you spend on it? What do you think about the program you use?

    I'm gettin' there.

    Toni G.

    I love Classical Writing and it is well worth the effort.
    At first, I felt very intimidated by this program myself, feeling like it was going to take up more time than I had to spare.
    I did spend a weekend reviewing, reading, underlining, and getting a grasp on the Core book. I started with Aesop A with my 4th grader this year and we have just completed book A and we plan to move onto Aesop B.
    After I understood the weekly plan I found it was pretty predictable and we came to expect certain assignments on certain days of the week. As we progressed, new items would be added. For example: the child would be locating dialog one week and then a few lessons later, noun synonyms.
    These slight changes would increase the students understanding of writing but not necessarily add to the teachers or students time constraint. The only major change every week would be the model (story) that one would use and the stories are wonderful! My kids have more fun on the first day while we read and reread the story to each other and then they tell it back to me. I've found that some days are longer than others...for example the 3rd day we spend the most time marking and underlining the model but as time has progressed, my daughter has improved and now can accomplish this much faster. So it is really difficult to place a time factor on this although the writers of Classical Writing tell us that we can plan to spend an hour each day (4 days a week) yet I have found that some days we only spend 30 minutes and other days we may spend the full hour. I don't feel rushed to get through this. If you want to spend 6 days on this rather than the suggested 4 days then why not? Make it work for your family.
    On top of all of this, I love the aspect of learning through the imitation of excellent writers. I am amazed what my daughter has gleaned in the short time we have used Classical Writing and we plan to stay with it for our future writing program.
    I have already purchased Homer and Poetry for Beginners as well but one step at a time...this is a program that you need to start at the beginning whether it is the curriculum for Older beginners or starting with Aesop A.
    I highly recommend Classical Writing. It is a rich that will benefit your child in more ways than one. I hope this helps.
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