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Software to protect kids using a computer

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    Software to protect kids using a computer

    We’ve outsourced a couple classes for my 6th grader this year, and I’m behind the curve on keeping her safe online. It became an issue when I was sitting right with her searching for pictures for a project and we stumbled into some rather unsavory images.

    The computer stays locked when not in use and I have the only password. It’s located near the family with the screen pointed towards us. I just don’t know what kind of software to put on it to avoid bad situations! Other than the standard antivirus software, I know nothing.
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    Most browsers already have kid-safe filters for browsing, and there are search engines with kid-safe searching modes you can enable in the settings (I know someone more computer literate will correct the terminology used here). I have a relative who uses the Free Ad-Blocker (FAB) browser with a stop sign to watch youtube without ads (does not work with the YouTube app).

    There is a fee-based service I keep hearing about called Bark. It's a lot like Covenant Eyes in that it's a permissions-based parental controls app that allows you to customize access to websites, apps, and such, but it also offers parents surveillance of their child's devices (tablet, phone, laptop, PC, etc) that can monitor text messages and searches related to questionable content and dangerous behavior (bullying, self harm). Covenant Eyes is uses an accountability partner (pastor, parent, etc) so that the internet is free to search, but all content gets reported to the person of accountability.

    Apple products also have really good built-in permissions for kids. It just takes time to figure them out.
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