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Rod & Staff 3 Multiplication Poster Woes

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    Rod & Staff 3 Multiplication Poster Woes

    Good afternoon, everyone.

    I'm working on the multiplication posters for R&S 3, and I don't entirely understand the purpose of the separate strips that have rows of 12 sea creatures. I was having my children help me making them, and the sea creatures aren't lining up (because perfectionist Mom didn't do it herself)... and now I'm wondering if they're important at all. I glanced at the lessons where they start to be used, and not getting any more clarity. Nothing is said about writing numbers on them, so are they just for decoration? I would pay $ to buy these pre-made.

    The illustrations are cute & my daughters like them, so I'm not against using them... just a bit frustrated at how much time it takes to make them if they're just for decoration.

    This concludes my multiplication poster woes.

    Hi! check out this post:

    scroll down to the post by ljalle44n on 3/29/2019 - there is a link to ones she made. I think when you see them that way, they make more sense (and you can use them!).

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      Thank you so much for the link!


        #4 can also skip them completely bc it made no sense to me. I like the idea of the language they use for "the wave washes up and grabs a set of 5 four times." That phrasing helped my little guy see how you read a multiplication problem from bottom to top. We also threw in two to three "concept" workseets (free from the internet) that explained the number in each set, the number of sets, etc, but all of my kids have benefitted most from R&S's repetition and drill. R&S also schedules some work with cheerios or candies (breaking them into groups as you hit multiplication and division), so prioritize those activities over posters.
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          Thank you, @enbateau‚Äč, for sharing how you approached the multiplication section of the book.


            I've never seen those sea creatures in our classrooms either. And our students do learn their multiplication tables. So feel free to skip!



              Thank you, tanya