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TFL Unit I Review, Worksheet 5, Translation D

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    TFL Unit I Review, Worksheet 5, Translation D

    On p. 49 of the TFL Student Workbook, under Translation D, Blogs lists the imperative Think with your head and heart as Puta capite cordeque.

    Can you give me some more guidance on when to tell my students to pick the enclitic -que as opposed to "et." Head and heart don't feel like "milk n' cookies" to me, but maybe it's a Roman thing? 😄 Also, does the enclitic always go on the second of the pair? Feels like yes, but I want to be sure. Also, why is the "cum" missing? Does puto have a built-in preposition?

    Same page, #7, is "guard against" always going to be the "beware" verb instead of, say, servo -are with contra?

    Should I make sure that if my students know the pronoun, they include it? I think of how the Latin subject + verb, creati sumus, (we have been created) does not need the Nos. I remember from SFL there was a note about how adding the pronoun is only done to emphasize the subject specifically. For the purposes of the TFL workbook, should I just insist that students always put the pronoun if they've been introduced to it (e.g. they don't know the 3rdP S or Pl pronouns, but they do know the 1st and 2nd P S&Pl subject pronouns)? Should it count off on a quiz/test if they omit it?

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    Answered in another thread.