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7th grade read alouds

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    7th grade read alouds

    As I’m reading through the 7th grade curriculum manual, I realized there are no longer scheduled read alouds. We have Martin’s list and all, but I’m curious if there are any read aloud books that were especially poignant for you and your middle schoolers?

    For 2021-22
    dd- 6th
    ds- 3rd
    dd- 1st
    ds- adding smiles and distractions

    My Father’s World has great read alouds for middle school through high school. It’s worth looking into!
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    9th grade girl-MPOA 6 classes, MP Logic, French, ABeka grammar, dance, piano
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    4th grade boy-MP FFL, Lit, Sp, D’Aulaire’s, Greek, CC, French, Astr, ABeka language and math, MFW
    1st grade girl-MP lit, PL, ABeka language arts, math, MFW, piano, dance
    2 year old-brings smiles ❤️


      Here are some favorites we've already read:

      Rosemary Sutcliff is awesome. I saved these for my eldest (not family read-alouds):
      Eagle of the Ninth, The Silver Branch, The Shining Company, The Sword in the Circle, The Light Beyond the Forest, Black Ships Before Troy)

      The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Mary Pope (FYI this one has historic ghost figures)
      Angel on the Square, The Turning, Burying the Sun, and Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan
      The Good Master, followed by The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy
      A Murder for Her Majesty by Beth Hilgartner (I loved reading this one aloud)
      all of the Bethlehem Books are very good (Beyond the Desert Gate, Son of Charlemagne, The Ides of April, The Hidden Treasure of Glaston, etc)
      I loooooooved A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park (FYI, mention of a story where the emperor's brides all jump off a cliff to avoid capture/dishonor)

      We love the Heroes Then & Now series by Janet and Geoff Benge. My kids have made it through an impressive amount of them:
      Geroge Muller
      Adoniram Judson
      Hudson Taylor
      Rachel Saint
      Nate Saint
      David Livingstone (lion attack scene scary for young ones)
      Gladys Aylward
      Mary Slessor (warning...tribal customs can upset young ones)
      Lottie Moon

      Trial and Triumph is a great highlight reel of martyrs of the faith (Protestant)

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