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Current Composition plans in NU4th or 2023 plans?

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    Current Composition plans in NU4th or 2023 plans?

    I just got our 4th grade new user's manual and it's given me 2 options. Apparently in 2023 they are going to drop the introductory lessons in the first 9 weeks and start right out with CC Fable. The Fable lesson plan download was included so I can do either option. Wondering which is the better option? The current first 9 weeks revolve around Cricket in Times Square. What would I gain or lose either way?
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    I really like those introductory lessons! They focus on forming good sentences and paragraphs, which were helpful skills before jumping into Fable where that is somewhat assumed to be already learned. I don't think you lose anything by doing those lessons. You will not get through as many Fable lessons, but that's okay. You're not expected to finish the book anyway, as you will use later lessons for review in the coming years.

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