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Transition from Spell to Write and Read to Traditional Spelling

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    Transition from Spell to Write and Read to Traditional Spelling


    Does anyone have experience with going from the Spell to Write and Read Program to MP's Traditional Spelling?

    I have a rising 2nd Grader who just spent two years at a hybrid classical school that implemented Spell to Write and Read. She has all of her 70-something phonograms memorized, she's filled out her 1st grade primary learning log and has a good familiarity of the "rules" and logic the program teaches (I say this with a groan because its been a learning curve for both of us!).

    We are planning on homeschooling full-time next year with MP- core curriculum 2nd grade- but I've been reading the Traditional Spelling and I'm concerned at throwing away the system and logic we've worked so hard at the past two years. I see the phonics-based logic with Traditional Spelling its just different enough I feel to cause some interference in her brain. I also wasn't sure if us just continuing with SWR and not doing Traditional Spelling would interfere with the unity of the Core Curriculum such as the Literature Study Guide stuff or any other subject I'm not thinking of.

    The school used the entire MP First Start Reading series as well as the Classical Phonics book for teaching reading, but had them simultaneously memorizing SWR single and multi-letter phonograms that entire time. Wondering with all the change if we should just stick to what we know, it hasn't been our favorite thing in the world but at the end of the day, we figured it out, and honestly, it worked.

    I would really be interested to hear any thoughts or experience, thank you so much!!

    I feel like we either came from the same hybrid school, or one with an identical plan in the primary years! My oldest did SWR at a hybrid school until 3rd, my second thru 1st, then we moved away. I love the program because it felt like all the skills I wish I had been taught that might have made spelling make more sense when I was in school, rather than be the one place I struggled academically all through grade school.

    We kept doing SWR. The hardest parent part is on the front end, though it is a teacher intensive program throughout. I’m hoping by following this post someone will convince me to drop it and tell me I can make spelling independent study just as effectively! But my 3rd kid is going into 1st grade this fall and I’m currently planning to keep with SWR. We did phonograms alongside FSR, and I regularly use the SWR rules cues in her oral reading practice even though she hasn’t started the program. I find the match good for us.
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      I watched a few videos on SWR, and I just wanted to confirm for you that you're NOT throwing away any of the hard work you've done learning the 70-some phonograms and rules she learned up through first. We, too, came to Traditional Spelling from a phonics program that teaches cursive first and all of the sounds up front (Logic of English Foundations A-D). The hardest part of the transition was having separate flashcards for the different sounds a letter team makes (and pictures on the front of them). Honestly, nothing else was hard, and you will find all of the same meat there should you choose to make the jump. It's probably not available as a preview, but the TS TM's are packed with all of the same rules (like the 1-1-1 rule, silent e rule, y changes to i rule, and more) in the index, and each list highlights a narrow application of a spelling concept. Just like SWR, you can move at whatever pace you need, but the daily plans make it open-and-go, and the hands-on class activities allow spellers to write, read and make connections outside of a notebook and pencil. Should you transition into TS, you can continue to refer to the names of the rules you've already committed to memory, but often the rules will be identical. TS is an incredible phonics-based spelling program, and though neither of my children are natural spellers, both have benefited from the program. Everyone here, including the pros, will tell you that subbing out one or two subjects (often math or spelling) isn't going to break the flow or squelch the beauty and cohesiveness of a Memoria Press core. We also know that Traditional Spelling doesn't take much time per day, so substitutions may lengthen your day, and you should plan accordingly.

      If you haven't done so already, consider signing up for the Sodalitas or Teaching Training conference coming up this July. MP curriculum creators and homeschooling veterans will be demonstrating a sample lesson (with all relevant textbook pages), teaching modifications for struggling learners, and answering questions. If you feel like the sample lesson demystifies the program enough to give it a try, you'll have access to free shipping throughout the conference.
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        I will begin by saying that, I have not read the previous posts.

        We started off with 100EZ, then SWR, then AAR/AAS, and finally landed on MP. I use TS, but still primarily rely on the SWR phonogram cards. I will put the corresponding MP Phonics Flashcard behind the SWR card for instant access to fluency practice, if needed. We are still working on memorizing the SWR spelling rules.

        I like the clean, bookface-type SWR cards. Why not make the flashcard letter look the same as the font in most of the books we're reading?

        I like how the fronts of the SWR rule cards cue the recitation of the rule.

        Just my two cents 🌻


          Thank you all! enbateau, you hit on my exact concern! Reading through the program I was concerned about all the different cards for the different sounds. Sounds like if we should cut ties with the formal SWR program, which might be best as early as possible, we can still keep a lot of the fundamentals to use with TS.


            I did SWR with my son for a couple years. I felt I did not see the outcomes I desired considering the time and effort (honestly, and tension with my strong-willed first-born) it contributed to our school day. My daughter (2nd grade) started SWR last year and finished the year doing TS. TS was wonderful. It covered what I wanted to see covered from SWR, was open and go for me, she looked forward to it, and I saw growth. Both of my children remain weak spellers, but we are seeing forward progress. I never suggested SWR to anyone, but have shared TS with many! I doubt subbing out TS with SWR would cause any real issue with the curriculum overall though if you wanted to do that.

            Only slightly related: After our years of SWR, I just plugged my son into Spelling Workout. He does better independently and it takes less time from his day now that he is a rising 5th grader.