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Timeline Creation Ideas for 1st Grade

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    Timeline Creation Ideas for 1st Grade

    How did you create the timeline that is mentioned in the 1st Grade Enrichment Book. I really don't want it to be a giant "creation" project. I am even open to buying something pre-made to start writing on (vs "creating" the actual timeline itself). I can't find where the curriculum mentions "how" to make this at this age. Particularly what date range it should be. Do you just list the events/people in history? Or do you print out pictures? Draw pictures at this age (I feel like my daughter draws too big to make this work, haha!)? I am just hoping to get ideas from those who have already done this with littles in the past. Thanks so much! Can't wait to hear your ideas!

    It's been a while since I did this, but I think I just put a ribbon on the wall, marked the middle with Christ's birth, put creation on one end, and today on the other. I think I just used random pictures I found online and printed out. Then attached them to the wall with museum putty.

    Then we just added things as we covered them. Christopher Columbus, Colonial Times (so maybe Jamestown and the Declaration of Independence), Abraham Lincoln and the Civil war. I just added things as we covered them in enrichment or came along naturally over the course of the calendar year.

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      Back when we started in SOTW, we used a free printable from internetland (not a real place) that had figures and dates to print, cut out, laminate, attach plastic hang tags and use baby clothespins from the Dollar Tree to attach to a length of string strung up between two pushpins. I don't think my eldest got nearly as much out of that as I had hoped. We started the Timeline curriculum from MP in 3rd, cementing the dates through memory work. While I have the MP cards and such on my wall, the memorization is what has made it stick, not necessarily the visual. I might look ahead to the MP kit with color-coded dates or skip it until 3rd.
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