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    What's on your white board?

    I recently bought a calendar white board and a plain white board and put them up, with the expectation of using them for calendar time with my K and 2nd grader, and for putting up the art cards and manners card. But now I just found myself back in possession of my old 3'x5' giant white board and now I'm feeling a bit flush with white boards and not sure what to do with all of that! What do you all use your white boards for?

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    I have a pocket calendar that we use for calendar time. I put up art posters with putty all around our school room. I have a large map of the world, a small U.S. map, Latin charts, a few math posters (money, liquid measures), a basic shapes poster for drawing, a Middle Ages timeline, and some random kid artwork on the wall. And that uses up most of the wall space, so I haven't actually hung the white board I own. Instead, we use the lap-sized ones. The kids work problems or write spelling words on theirs and hold them up for me to see. If I need to demonstrate something, I write on mine and hold it up for them to see.

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      I have a number line across the bottom (-5 through 95) for MP2 math. I have geometric shapes, lines (inter, para, perp), a circle with diameter, radius, & chord, the D=R(T) formulas, area and perimeter. I have two lists of timeline dates for 5A, bees and blossoms, and some cursive letters of the week (although we've done them all). On a chalkboard I have the date and memory verse of the week. I have a calendar and center with months, weather, seasons, punctuation marks, and the base 10 pocket chart for straws that count days of school. I also have our MP timeline posted above our US map. When we did parts of Africa in GEO, I would freehand the outline of a group of countries and point to each to prompt the capital and country. You could write TS words or the name of the artist/art of the week.

      I am definitely a draw-as-I-talk teacher. Not everyone is. I have a huge 4x8ft board. I do all math examples there. I write the 4 facts of the bees/blossoms as my youngest says them. I put Latin translations, declensions and conjugations on the board. In CC, I'll put up good sentences that need better punctuation or help the kids see how they can create parallel form. I have my kids solve board work for math there (since doing a skill in multiple places increases fluency). We do erasable line technique there. I draw Birds diagrams to have my student label on a whiteboard.

      I love having a board. We get the Costco Expo pack every year when it goes on sale under $10.
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        I have two framed magnet (not whiteboards) that my dad made and stained to match the cabinets since my refrigerator is stainless and therefore not magnetic. That houses my paper calendar, a pocket with the all the papers that I can’t lose in the short term, and miscellaneous stuff like pictures, recent quizzes, CS memory verse cards, AAS sticker charts, etc. I have portable 9x12 white boards that get used for math lessons, spelling dictation, Latin, etc, etc. They save a ton of paper usage and are very convenient to use while sitting at the table.

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          I use our small 2x3 as a bulletin board with OXO magnetic clips to hold stuff on. The big one is for teaching.
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            Our intention at MP is that you will put every sentence on the board that your primary student needs to write down. For example, when doing the comprehension questions in StoryTime, have your student give you an oral answer in a good sentence, and then you write your student's answer on the board. After discussing whether the answer is 1) a full sentence 2) thoroughly answers the question 3) could be more concise, use more exciting adjectives, more vivid verbs, maybe parsing the sentence (what is the subject, predicate, label parts of speech), then your student picks up his/her pencil and copies the sentence perfectly. This method ensures the student isn't being bombarded with too many processes at one time. Copying the sentence in itself is enough to do at one time!

            Just thought I'd throw that in.



              I use it mostly during math explanations and as Tanya describes, to write an answer to a comprehension question that can then be copied. I haven't formally started Latin with my youngest yet, but when I do, I also like to use the board to write as I teach, especially to emphasize with different colors roots and endings.
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                Memory verses and spelling lists



                  I use magnets on our white board to hang the MP K-2 Art Posters for each week. I write the name of the art piece and the artist beside it.
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                    We mostly use the small white board now as well. Even for my child doing the 2nd grade literature, I just wrote the answers on it. I filled the board and that's all she had to write1 . (We do have a bigger board but over the years have migrated to more of the smaller boards)

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