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Upper elementary lesson plans

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    Upper elementary lesson plans

    Could someone tell me how useful the following lesson plans are? We do not use a full core.
    • Famous Men of Greece and Horatius at the Bridge Lesson Plans
    • Christian Studies II and Copybook Cursive III Lesson Plans
    • States & Capitals One-Year Pace Lesson Plans
    • Classical Composition I: Fable Lesson Plans

    I would imagine those classical studies lesson plans are very valuable, based on others I have done. With classical composition fable, the most important thing is to realize that you will take 2-3 wks per lesson and there is no expectation that you are going to finish the book. In fact, you use some lessons for review at the beginning of each subsequent year in the program.

    Particularly for states and capitals and cursive copybook, just doing the next thing and marching through the books will work fine.
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      You can see samples of the lesson plans if you look at the curriculum manual that each individual lesson plan is in on our website. That may help you determine if they would be helpful to you or not.