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Buying Older Used Copies of Curriculum

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    Buying Older Used Copies of Curriculum

    Is there any big downside to using older versions of curriculum, especially for a sequenced subject? I am thinking about Classical Composition and Christian Studies courses. We are using newer versions of Fable and CS I, but if we go to the next courses in the sequence using older versions, would that be a problem? Have they been drastically revamped since, say, 2005?

    I don’t think they have had major changes to CC. I think they changed the lines they give on the outlining portion to make it easier to understand that there isn’t just one way to outline. I think the biggest issue in general would be making sure your teacher and student manual and student book match each other. I know Latin has had some major changes.

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      Since 2005, we have probably made lots of corrections, but we only change the edition if we make major changes, such as page numbers changing or content that would make it hard to use the student and teacher together if one is older and one newer. If you have the current edition that we are selling on our website, you should be good and may notice small differences, but nothing that should frustrate you. If you have different editions, you are more likely to have more difficulty. You could always use what you have to start and then see if you are finding it frustrating before replacing books.

      I do think there have been fewer changes to CSII-III than to CSI, so you may be good there. And the content of CC hasn't changed much, but the page numbers did change at one point as we added in the Aphthonius model at the front. That shouldn't be too frustrating though since you aren't in a classroom with lots of students. You can just go by lesson number instead of page number.